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icon PRO IT EXPERT has created the PC Optimizer software and is your ones stop solution to all your computer optimization and technical support computer related issues.

Do you have issues with your computer? Is your computer running slow? Is your data safe and free from threats from unwanted users with access to your information?


Now you don’t have to worry! PC Optimizer is the best solution for you, featuring solutions for all of your PC related problems. Including but not limited to:


- PC Scanning for:

  • Harmful Temporary Files
  • Dumbed/Crashed System Files
  • Crictaccl System Errors
  • Suspicious Internet Cookies/Malware

- PC Status Protection giving you up to the minute updates on potential threats and system optimization levels.

- Browser Optimization Tools with options such as:

  • Auto Temporary File Clean up
  • Unnecessary Cookies Removal
  • Auto clean up of Cache, Unnecessary Add-ons, memorized passwords and history, allowing your computer to speed up and avoid the risk of potential threats from unwanted users gaining access to your data and private information. has a team of agents working 24/7 to fix and support your computer with our PC Optimizer , as well as any other technical related issue you may have. Feel free to download and learn more about our great product here.


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